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18 June 2018 - 19 June 2018
Bruxelles, Belgium
4th Global Entreps Awards & #5Gcitizens 2018

What to expect

  • WORLDWIDE-LEVEL SPEAKERS: a plenary session rich of insights with representatives from the EU institutions and beyond, experts and ongoing projects.

  • BILATERAL MEETINGS: opportunity to initiate promising contacts in pre-arranged meetings. Learn how to get the most out of bilateral meetings in Watify matchmaking here.

  • GROUP MEETINGS: opportunity to connect with different actors for further inter-regional/cross-border cooperation on targeted focus areas. Learn how to get the most out of working group meetings in WATIFY matchmaking here.

  • BEST PRACTICES: presentation of success stories, overcoming new challenges through innovative and more efficient approaches, both from the public and private sectors. Send your files on "Best Practices, Achievements or EU Projects" proposals to: secretariat@5Gcitizens.com
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Bruxelles, Belgium
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