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18 June 2018 - 19 June 2018
Bruxelles, Belgium
4th Global Entreps Awards & #5Gcitizens 2018

Attendance of the event held on 18-19 June 2018 on the CoR premises in Brussels is free of charge. Prior registration is compulsory to access the conference. No on-site registration will be allowed.

Watify, an awareness-raising campaign funded by the European Commission to stimulate the technological transformation of Europe’s industry, is organizing two matchmaking events during the 4th Global Entreps Awards & #5GCitizens 2018, at the premises of the Committee of Regions in Brussels. 

The matchmaking activities are organised in cooperation with the European Commission, the European Parliament, Nokia, #6Aika, EURADA, ERRIN, JEUNE EU and Young Entrepreneurs’ clusters from five continents, Finnova Regio, Pilot4DEV, AJEPC, SinoPLPE, several embassies and plenty of international organisations. We also count on the participation of representatives from the UN and the OECD.  


  • Facilitate and promote the creation of new joint partnerships between different types of stakeholders (public, private, and so on), and potential EU projects.
  • Bring together best practices and experiences that may be reproduced and further improved, and spread the knowledge on past.
  • Showcase successful achievements that might pave the way for future change and innovation.
  • Raise awareness about the pros of engaging institutions with citizens, through innovation and bottom-up sustainable development.

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Bruxelles, Belgium
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